Firewall Rule Test 

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TCP Services

Use this service to test your firewall rules. If you intend to allow or deny connections through your firewall, you can check to see what will happen when an Internet user attempts to connect.

Behind the scenes, this firewall test uses NMap to attempt to connect to each specified port. The Nmap parameters used are: "-n -sT -p -Pn "

Select the TCP ports/services that you want to test. This server will attempt to connect to each port specified below.

Common Port/Service User Defined (port number only)
21 ftp
22 ssh

23 telnet

25 smtp

80 http

110 pop3

139 netbios-ssn

443 https

445 microsoft-ds

3389 remote-desktop

Destination Host: (routable only)


Use this service to send simple ICMP echo requests to your target. If the target system is confired to respond to ICMP echo requests, this test can be used to determine if that target is "up".

Behind the scenes, this test uses the following parameters for the ping command: "ping -c 5"

Enter a destination and select "Ping" to send 5 ICMP echo requests from this server.

Destination Host: